To test our products @ GoAyur, we use the latest technology in the screening of phytochemicals. High-Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC) is a separation technique used for two or more components. At GoAyur, this technique is used to analyze our products. By this, we confirm the presence of bioactive or phytochemicals added in our products. Thus, standardization is achieved thereby, inculcating confidence of making / producing standard products. Camag makes the world-class HPTLC Systems. We are used the State-of-the-art Scanner for analyzing and standardizing our products.

TLC Scanner

HPTLC Reports

The TLC Scanner 4 is the most advanced workstation for densitometric evaluation of TLC/HPTLC chromatograms and other planar objects.

Report 1@366nm

Report 2@254nm

Key features

1.Measurement of reflection, either in absorbance or fluorescence mode
2.Object formats up to 20 x 20 cm
3.Spectral range from 190 to 900 nm
4.Automatic start of all lamps: deuterium, halogen-tungsten, and high-pressure mercury lamp
5.Data step resolution 25–200 μm
6.Scanning speed 1–100 mm/s
7.Spectrum recording up to 100 nm/s
8.Automatic selection of electronic amplification
9.Rapid data transfer