No animal ingredients

No Animal Ingredients

The intended meaning of no animal ingredients is quite clear and specific: “No ingredient is derived from animals”

Animal ingredients are used not because they are better than vegetable-derived or synthetic ingredients, but they are generally cheaper. Today’s slaughterhouses must dispose of their by-products of the slaughter of billions of animals every year and have found out an easy and profitable solution in selling them to food and cosmetic manufacturers.

Products labeled as “No animal ingredients” should imply that no ingredients are derived from animals. These products may or may not be tested on animals, which is a separate issue.

No animal ingredients is also a mandatory condition for ‘HALAL PRODUCTS’, though we do not have any certification for the same, we neither have any animal ingredients nor do we test on animals and also all out products are Ethyl Alcohol-free and thus as such fulfill all Halal product requirements.

We at GoAyur, do not promote cruelty to animals. All GoAyur products are free from any animals ingredients.