GoAyur Neem Tulsi Under Eye Cream

GTIN: 746856972176
Fragrance: Neem - Tulsi
Weight and Volume: 170 gm/6 Oz e
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This ultra light formula with the goodness of natural ingredients, nourishes and moisturizes the under eye area, helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, firms and tones the skin. Best natural under eye cream to improve complexion while making your eyes look more youthful.

This ultra light formula is rich with the goodness of natural ingredients like the Spreading hogweed which is "Punarnava" ("punar" = again; and "nava" = new). This name itself indicates its rejuvenating quality.

  • This cream nourishes and moisturizes the under eye area. 
  • It helps reduce dark circles. 
  • It helps relieve puffiness.
  • It helps firm and tone the skin.

It is cold pressed oil from Ocimum sanctum whole plant.

It is powdered fruits of Indian gooseberry.

It is cold pressed oil from leaves of Azadirachta indica plant.

It is cold pressed oil of lemon.

It is cold pressed oil of lemon.

It is a fresh extract of rhizomes of Glycyrrhiza glabra plant.

It is steam distilled oil of Sandalwood stem.

It is an extract of roots of Spreading hogweed.

Products specifications
Weight and Volume 170 gm/6 Oz e
Fragrance Neem - Tulsi
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