Cream Section

Cream Manufacturing Section

GoAyur - Cream Manufacturing Section

We at GoAyur take utmost care in the manufacturing process of our creams, lotions, and all other products.

We have provided separate change rooms for Male and Female workmen with 2 stage switching process. In order to enter the manufacturing section, one has to go through a 3-stage changing process as recommended by the WHO GMP guidelines.

Before entering the manufacturing premises, all personnel spray IPA (disinfectant).

Our manufacturing equipment is of pure SS thus free of corrosion and erosion risks making the machinery WHO-GMP compliant.


Cream Filling Section

GoAyur Cream Filling Section

Once manufactured, our product is free of human touch it is directly transferred to the filling machine and the product is handled by humans only in packaged form.

Thus the filling operation is compliant with WHO GMP guidelines.

Only authorized persons are allowed to enter the filling section.

The flow of manufacturing to Packaging is maintained in a unidirectional manner as per WHO GMP guidelines.