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GoAyur LLC is American Company with an Indian Soul. We bring to the fore a combination of, time-tested ancient wisdom-science of Ayurveda, with impeccable modern manufacturing methods and state of the art manufacturing facilities (WHO-GMP compliant).

We maintain the authenticity of Ayurveda in its purest form by using 100% natural actives & fine tune our formulations in our modern in-house research laboratory. We believe that nature in her purest form is the best source of everlasting beauty, provided in the best natural flavours and fragrances, without ever having any side-effects. Hence the mantra ‘Beautifully Natural – Naturally Beautiful’

Our logo too typically depicts the principles ingrained in the philosophy of GoAyur, combining together all the basic elements of nature Sun, Earth, Water & Plants.

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We have our office in Phoenix, USA and our manufacturing facility in India. We through GoAyur make our own range of premium Ayurvedic Beauty Products. We are equally open to white labelling ‘Your Brand-Our Quality’ option. In addition to the already listed products we have with us already researched and ready formulation for many more products - to be launched soon. We can of course manufacture, these products in much more or even your choice of flavours and fragrances.

GoAyur is a call to Go Vegan, Go Green, Go Pure, Go Natural, Go Gorgeous synergizing together the benefits of the ancient Ayurvedic principles and modern living. The philosophy behind GoAyur is to share with the world the joys and benefits of, Yoga and Ayurveda to enable enhanced living by being one with nature, the modern scientific way, to bring out the naturally beautiful you !


GoAyur LLC

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