This Body lotion is an excellent Skin moisturizer giving you a hydrated feel all day, while revitalizing and nurturing your fatigued skin with its exotic, authentic-herbal Neem-Tulsi Fragrance. Best lotion for dry skin to softens and moisturises your skin, keeping it silky-smooth and glowing, Also Long lasting healing with non-greasy feel

  • This body lotion is a unique combination of Aloe vera juice and Rich Olive oil.
  • Aloe vera juice nurtures your skin hydrating it, keeping it young and supple.
  • Rich olive oils have fats similar to skin fat, ensuring immediate absorption.
  • This combination is so crafted to help combat skin dryness and blemishes.
  • 100% natural Neem-Tulsi oils refresh, revitalize & nurture your fatigued skin after a stressful day with its exotic, authentic-herbal Neem-Tulsi Fragrance. We add no artificial flavors or fragrances, cause nature in her purest form provides the best fragrances without ever having any side effects.
  • Ideal for Dry Skin Types
  • Suitable for Daily use.
  • Free of: Heavy Metals, Ethyl Alcohol, Animal Testing, Animal Ingredients, Parabens, Pthalates, Gluten, added Sulphates & any Harmful chemicals.
  • 100%: Herbal Actives, Natural Fragrance.
  • Hypo allergic, Aroma Therapy, Vegan.


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