100% natural fragrance

100% Natural-fragrance

Natural fragrances are fragrances made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and absolutes. Some incorporate handcrafted tinctures of flowers and / or spices.

Using natural essential oils rather than synthetics to create a fragrance brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy enhancing, relaxing or mood lifting. Organic perfumes do not contain ingredients grown with chemicals, pesticides or toxins, which may cause skin sensitivity and environmental damage.

These are energetic, emotional, and have physical healing properties associated with natural fragrances. The essential oils enhance your wellbeing by creating happiness and uplifting states of mind. The floral essential oils increase confidence and provide balance. Some of the wood oils are soothing and reduce stress

When a natural fragrance is made with natural botanical extracts, the fragrance has the complexity of the natural oils and is fresh, alive, and vibrant. After you apply a natural fragrance you will notice the scents of the top, heart, and base notes. It will smell different on everyone who wears it as we each have our own personal chemistry. There will be no strong, synthetic smell that is derived from petrochemicals.

GoAyur uses fragrances that are 100% natural.