100% Ayurvedic Actives

100% Ayurvedic Actives

Herbal Cosmetics are formulated, using various permissible cosmetic ingredients to form the base in which one or more herbal ingredients are used to provide defined cosmetic benefits. Cosmetics alone are not sufficient to take care of skin and body parts.It requires association of active ingredients to check the damage done to the body. Herbal actives have now emerged as the appropriate solution to the current problems. Herbal cosmetics are preparations, which represent cosmetics associated with natural bioactive ingredients. The use of phytochemicals from a variety of botanicals have dual functions

1.They serve as cosmetics for the care of body and its parts.

2.These bio actives influence biological functions of the skin and provide nutrients necessary for healthy skin or hair.

The best thing of herbal cosmetics is that they are purely made of herbs and shrubs. The natural content in these does not have any side effects on the human body; instead, enrich the body with nutrition and other useful minerals. In general, botanicals provide different Vitamins, antioxidants, essential oils, tannins, alkaloids, carbohydrates, proteins, terpenoids and bioactive ingredients for cosmetic care.

We at GoAyur use actives that are 100% herbal.